I thought that I would ask some of my customers what they thought of their blankets. These are their words.


BooTickety Blankets are just gorgeous! I bought two of Louisa’s handcrafted with love blankets and I can honestly say that both my daughter and I use them every day. My daughter has hers displayed on her bed and I snuggle under mine on the sofa or on the patio on a chilly evening. The blankets are stitched carefully and the materials and patterns were chosen to suit our personal style and requirements. We LOVE our BooTickety Blankets and would recommend them to everyone!



I was given my BooTickety Blanket as a gift and was over joyed with it.

I can only say it’s a pure work of Art. Beautifully hand crafted, made with elegant vibrant patch work colours and to add on to the exquisiteness you get a soft fleece fabric underneath. Since receiving my blanket it’s been well used, a throw at night time, lying on the beach, a pillow, pure luxury.
It’s also easy to pack and travel with, I’ve moved up and down the county with my blanket and will be taking it abroad to Malaysia with me this year.
I can’t recommend these charming unique blankets enough to anyone. They are made with love by Louisa and you can feel that.

These blankets are unique, quirky and fabulous – a bit like Louisa herself! In a world of commercialism and mass production, they are stand-alone products and you can be sure that nobody else will have anything remotely similar! Designed and produced to the highest standards, they are made of warm, soft, snuggly material – perfect for beds, sofas, conservatories, garden rooms and even the patio or beach as the sun goes down!

On a practical note, they wash like a dream – I would highly recommend them as perfect home accessories, or an even more perfect gift! Customise them to suit your decor and personal tastes; or just pick whatever materials take your fancy and let Louisa do the rest! Satisfaction is guaranteed.



I just love my blanket, which I received as an out-of-the-blue gift – and what a wonderful surprise it was!

In stunning dark red and forest green materials, it delivers exactly what I wanted in a blanket – warmth, comfort, practicality, luxury, uniqueness and a certain “je ne sais quoi”.
It takes pride of place on my bed – both at home and when I am at uni – and I just love it. It always lifts my spirits whether I am happy, sad, tired, raring to go or simply looking to relax.



I am delighted to say that I own 2 summer and 2 winter blankets made by ‘Boo Tickety’ and have also purchased 2 as gifts. They are beautifully made and packaged combined with all being bespoke to my requirements in theme and colour range to suit.

Mine personally are always at hand as look beautiful as throws over the arm of the sofas as have been designed with my home and personality in mind.

Everyone and every home should own one at least! An amazing gift 🙂 *****



Thanks for beautiful quilt bought for me for my birthday. I like the way you chose the colours and design to go with my decor. I shall enjoy many relaxing moments remembering a fab birthday and a snuggly present.

Thanks again

Love Angie x


Jon Jon

I love my BooTickety Blanket. It was a gift which now mainly lives in my surfbus ready to keep me warm on those cold mornings whilst I wait for the waves.