December is here… 

Somehow November passed me by so instead of writing every month I am now in December, oops. 
After successfully mastering the art of laziness I went full tilt boogie into a creative frenzy. Maybe my brain needed to be calm to be able to think. Instead of making Blankets tho my brain went off on a little bit of a tangent. 
It all started with Hans and Johanna.. 

And then I made some hot water bottle covers. Using off cuts of blankets I had made some last year but this year I decided to be a little more creative and appliqué some felt flowers. Seemed to work so I put some on Etsy.  I haven’t been very good marketing myself. It takes time producing and creating and thinking let alone selling. I was just starting to get a little concerned at my lack of sales on the site ( you can’t really put up there ‘honestly I have sold stuff and people like it’) and I felt like I was letting the business down. So when a super Californian woman bought two I was/ am / will always be, chuffed to pieces.

And then there were the houses: I saw some sweet little houses which had electric tealights in and I thought ‘ooh’ followed by ‘hmm I wonder…’ cue play time with play dough. My versions may be slightly more ‘rustic’ a friend very sweetly thought the lumpy bits were my interpretation of snow, they aren’t, they’re just lumpy bits. But i like them. Even if I can’t put tealights in them as the light shows how wonky the roofs are!

Who knows what wild delights my brain will get me playing with. I have fabric that needs making into things. Blankets? Hot water bottle covers? Who knows! This coming year is going to be interesting. 

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