The art of laziness….

It is an art. 

A true calling which only a few have the ability to abide by. 

In the age of computers, iPads, phones and not forgetting tv, to truly be lazy and not accomplish much takes quite a lot of effort.

Lazy is an adjective which means ‘unwilling to work or use energy’. Usually seen in a negative connotation unless it describes a holiday or possibly a Sunday.

I am honing my craft and being lazy. Really lazy. Mind quietening, tea drinking, afternoon napping lazy. The way you have to be when you’re poorly. I’m not poorly. Today I am lazy. 

I may not be lazy tomorrow. Tomorrow I may make a list on Trello of all the things I need / want to do. Or I may not. I may just bite the bullet and do all the things I need / want to do. Or I may not. 

Don’t misunderstand, I am not apathetic. I am just downright lazy and I am surprisingly good at it.

The world can just carry on doing what it needs to do for a bit without me. I’m not really expecting my brief sabbatical to have any impact on anything or anyone but it does me the power of good. So hurrah for laziness! 

Maybe we should do research into it and its benefits; like meditation, yoga, exercise, sunlight, good food and joy we should all be able to chill out and be lazy and see it as a true gift. 

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