Opening a shop…

It’s done, I did it. I set a date and reached the challenge.

I decided that 9am September 1st 2016 would be a good time to start.  Although it isn’t really the beginning of Autumn it is the time when thoughts tend to drift that way. Children are heading back to school, or in my case my youngest son to university. Nights are creeping in and although September days can be warm it has a ‘days are numbered’ feel to it. I decided that six blankets was a good place to start, I have since added another two and more will be going up over the next few weeks.

Making blankets is an involved business. 

1.Pick your fabric

2.Create a pattern with said fabric

3. Attach fleece

4.Wash, tumble dry and iron to check for any defects, colour runs or any other problems

5.Attach ‘made by boo’ and washing instructions

6.Take photographs

7. Take measurements

8.Think of how to describe said blanket in a way that is interesting

9. Keep up with Instagram, Twitter, blogging 

10. Sell blanket and send it off to its happy new owner.
Phew…. Makes me want to just curl up under my blanket with my cup of tea and some dunkable digestives and smile at the fact that BooTickety Blankets are now for sale on Etsy.

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