Liberty… And social media freedom for all

So, the other day I decided to type ‘Booticketyblankets’ into Pinterest to see what came up. 

I found that Liberty ( world  famous iconic London shop which sells top designer products as well as its own. Known for being quintissentially English and, as far as I am concerned, creators of the best fabric) had pinned three of my pictures that I had posted on Instagram on their Pinterest boards. Oh the excitement. Someone had found my pictures, liked them, added them, commented on them . In this socially savvy world where no one is now out of reach it was still thrill making. 

Gone is the degree needed, social climbing nepotism…anyone can do anything. You just need to be noticed. Discovered. Found. Liked.

So, as much as I am not a great advocate for social media I will get my thrills from finding my work being liked by people I don’t know and if they happen to work for one of my favourite places… So much the better! 

Blankets go on sale September 1st. More information to follow.

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