Enjoy the process….

So far February has been fun. 

From January spent hand sewing a trillion hexagons I once more sat infront of my sewing machine to make blankets that had been ordered. Gorgeous fabrics. Designs decided. Room warm. Other jobs completed. Correct thread and all the days to just get on with it… And could I? Could I heck ! I was too hot but my feet were cold, I was thirsty or was I hungry. I didn’t want to listen to that music but then did I want to listen to an audible book?  I ended up driving myself doolally. I was the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof I just couldn’t settle. 

Boo HQ had has had a make over and clean through and was all set to be used and yet I found myself staring at the walls thinking that I really need to repaint them,.. Yellow perhaps. But a soft one. It’s a small room. Maybe a hint of yellow… That would be nice. I found myself looking at my phone as texts came through from friends offering me escape in the form of a morning coffee, afternoon tea, or maybe a beer tonight….. Yup. All three please. I watched the birds out the window and I felt like a child at school  wishing to be out playing instead. So I turned off the sewing machine. Shut the door and I went outside. I walked along the beach. Watched the waves.

An hour later  I came back. I put on Darren Middleton’s new album ‘splinters’ I sat down at the sewing machine and I created. I didn’t think,  I just allowed the process to take me. I allowed the enjoyment to take me over as fabric became pieces. As pieces made patterns and as patterns slowly became something that my mind eye had seen and had told my hands that of course they could do it. The next day was easier. Until the habit had been reformed. The blankets were made and sold. The album was played incessantly and sung along with.

  And that is what it all comes down to. Some days are easier than others. Mentally and physically. But to be creative you have to create and that means working with what ever are your strong points. For me it’s that I am determined, (my brother says it should be my middle name ) I don’t like to be defeated but sometimes more than anything I have to remember that I get so much enjoyment out of it. All of it. From picking the fabric to creating the blanket to selling it. I enjoy the whole process, at times I want to rush through the bits which, let’s be honest, can be a tad tedious. So I have a cup of peppermint tea and remind myself to just enjoy .


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