It takes two feet to March….


I wonder if it’s in the word that it makes you want to move. The sluggish dark days of January and February are taken over by March. Spring is in the air. There’s been sunshine and even a bit of warmth.

Over a year has passed since BooTickety Blankets first started. I needed to test run the blankets for at least a year to see how they faired. I’ve had blankets for years but that’s not enough to say they’re good enough. So blankets to be test run went to people with children, animals and a mixture of both. People who take care of things by washing them on a near daily basis to those who, um, well, don’t. A year has passed and I have to say all the blankets have stayed, albeit well loved, in acceptable condition. Each study group was asked to be totally honest and fair in their evaluation and the results are in and BooTickety Blankets passed. Ok, I’m not saying that it would hold up as a scientific study ( by any stretch of imagination) but it eased my mind that the product was not only pretty but also durable.

 I decided that I really needed to knuckle down and get some blankets made ready to sell them. 

I looked at my fabric stash… Safe to say I have a bit. 

  My mission was that I would not buy any more fabric until I had used all of it up…. Who am I trying to kid but I did make ten blankets which actually didn’t make as big a dent as I was hoping and I somehow quantified buying  more. Nothing worse than a defeated fabric hoard.

So March had me marching on with determination. The blossom on my trees made me smile. Sunshine in the morning and the evenings, actually having evenings again, I feel like I’m coming out of a cave. I love winter but Spring gets me every single time. I can find winter has me reflecting, on loss usually. On people that i miss, opportunities that passed. Call me nostalgic or sentimental it just takes a lot for me to let go. Even if I haven’t heard from someone for a long time, if they meant a lot to me they are always welcome back in my life without explanation. But sometimes you just have to move on. Take another path. Meet new people and go to new places and embrace all that is new. Like spring. Like new projects and scary things like working out where to sell your blankets.

So where should I sell them, on line? Maybe Etsy? Or Not On The High Street? Through my own website? Through a shop? Do I want to be the only one making them or do I want to create an industry? How do I get to sell them at Liberty? Enough to make my head spin as I sit in my sewing room.

 No wonder we spring clean our houses ready to invite all the new adventures in after a winter spent hibernating. I’m excited about what this year will hold. I’m excited by the ideas I have, all the projects and dreams that fill my brain. Each blanket I keep some of the fabric to add to my hexagon memory blanket as a reminder of all that I have achieved. I know I sometimes have to drag one foot out of the past; what has been, what I wished had been different and what I am grateful for (the worse thing about sewing is sometimes you just think too much!) but once I’ve managed to put both firmly in the present its so very exciting walking into the future.

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