January playtime.

Unlike most people I actually love January. Partly to do with the fact that I always plan a trip the first week of the new year gives me something to look forward to and after the rush of Christmas keeps the excitement up. Then by the time I’m over the trip ( this year it was Florence) it’s time for my birthday, which as I get older it gets longer. Five days this year… Coffees, lunches, meals out, nights out, my dance card was well and truly full. As was my waist line by the end of it.

As I saw the close of the first year working with BooTickety Blankets I was unsure what to do in January. I’d managed to get all the orders out for Christmas, Sort out the Headquarters to have a good work space, keep up the photographs on Instagram and all the other not so interesting stuff of book keeping. I was where I needed to be. I didn’t feel the need for a big project but on the same hand wasn’t keen on there not being a project!  So I gave myself licence to play. Whatever fabric orientated thing I wanted to do I had carte blanche to create as I saw fit. With neither monetary value or future need I could just play. If it worked great, if it didn’t, well, it was another lesson learnt. On my white board I had a list of things that interested me to try but in the end it was recycling that became my project.

As I was sorting out the HQ I came across the two bags of scraps I had accumulated over the past year. Each piece of fabric had been part of a blanket that I had made for someone and I wondered what to do with it all. I remembered as a little girl my mum had a bag of fabric and hexagons which she was making into something.. It never became clear what as I don’t think it was ever completed. Quick google search, bit of Pinterest stalking and a click on eBay and within days I was in the heady delights of hexagon making. 

 The one thing with hand sewing is that I can do it anywhere. With the machine I’m either at HQ or bargaining for the lounge table but how I chose to do it was on the sofa with a hot water bottle whilst listening to romantic American films. Not so much watching them as that pesky needle hurt when piercing skin but listening. The family passed through the lounge as I barely moved as the romance flowed around me and the scraps of fabric became hexagons and then flowers and then became part of and then a whole blanket. It was discussed that this may not be one of my most cost affective blankets and perhaps not to make them a line but I loved it. In that slightly compulsive.. I’ll just finish one more before I go to bed to the obsessive, housework can wait I need to finish this thing.  

 January is over. The blanket is finished. I’ve learnt I can do something else. I’ve learnt that when you use 2′ hexagons you need to make 400, which is a lot. That American romantic leading men are stereotypically tall and dark but leading women can be any shape or hair colour. I’ve ordered some 4’to play with… Hopefully I won’t have to wait till next January. Better get recording some films. 


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