Ready to take on the adventure…


I read somewhere, probably Pinterest, that for an arrow to go forward first it has to be pulled backwards in the bow so that it can travel further when it’s released..

I have recently had the arduous, emotionally exhausting and for want of a better word traumatic task of going through my Grandmother’s things, (not something which needs to be explained but has horror attached to it that Mr Stephen King would be proud of) in them I found some photos of myself. It was the ones when I was 18 and off travelling which I found the most interesting. Apart from being younger (and thinner) it was the excitement of the challenges I was off to take part in that I remember the most. My backpack reached nearly to the top of my head and almost to my knees. (Well I had packed anything and everything in it, including a little black dress in case I went somewhere nice.I did. It was. ) 

More than a few years have passed and I feel that same sense of adventure when I think of BooTickety Blankets and all the dreams I have for it. The last few months there has definitely been a sense of being pulled, dragged, backwards. Everything I have wanted to achieve has been in some sense thwarted and yet rather than make me want to throw my hands and everything else up in the air, I have just come to the conclusion that it’s all about timing.  For me it has been about Lack of time. Too busy. Too many responsibilities, commitments, not enough hours in the day . So I have suddenly and Earth shatteringly stopped. I have readjusted, reevaluated, made the proper arrangements and just like the young smiling young version of myself in the photo I have this overwhelming sense that there is time. I have time. 

So, I will be able to write more frequently about the world of BooTickety and take photos. Showcase all the blankets that are being made and find an appropriate place to sell them through rather than making them and showing friends who buy them without me even getting a chance to photograph them. I will make sure that my backpack is full of all the things I need for my adventure. Self belief and creativity, business acumen and kindness, star gazing and flower smelling , Oh and a nice black dress, just in case…

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