One of those days..

I know that everyone gets them, the days when nothing goes quite to plan, the irritations and frustrations but I’m wondering if it is too late in the day to go and have a shower and start my day all over again.

Today was one of those days I had earmarked for getting on with all the ideas which had been buzzing around in my brain… A blanket I’d been commissioned for September another one that I had suddenly thought ‘that could work’ some clothes I wanted to make for an upcoming trip to Budapest, a doilly curtain that Pinterest had made me think could work in my workroom and plenty of time to do it all in…

Blanket one was a no go when I realised I didn’t quite have enough fabric for the design I wanted.   

 No problem , on the trusty iPad to order more, except that was on low charge due to the oversight of not charging it last night. 

No problem I’d look at the one that I’d been thinking of… Yes, definitely a goer… Apart from not having the right cotton thread. 


No worries… Let’s get finishing off the top for Budapest so simple and easy to do except when you get the  seams wrong and you can’t tell which is back and which is the front..

The doilly curtain just looked at me and I looked at it back. No chance if I can’t do blankets or simple top there was no way that wouldn’t be a disaster.. 

2.30pm…. Still plenty of the day to enjoy… I’m just not quite sure how. Maybe a cup of green tea whilst I unpick the seams.

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