Is it only Wednesday ?

It would seem that this week is a week of firsts… My first foray into the world of Instagram complete with my first followers that I neither know or are related to and now my first post on my new blog… and apparently it’s only Wednesday, feels like I’ve accomplished so much it must be Friday.

Oh that’s how you get rid of the bold type, good to know. Luckily I am better at creating blankets than sorting out the various type faces.

Reasons for the blog, I get asked how I make the blankets so I thought I would use the blog as a means of recording the creative process, from the background information given to me by the person, the fabrics chosen, the pattern and the finished product. Whether or not I also use it as a means of calming down and not throwing sewing machine or overlocker out the window remains to be seen.

So, question now is what else should I try to conquer this week, after all it is only Wednesday…

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